I usually do business. There are many occupations and business trips, and I often use massage at the hotel where I am staying, but we carefully select shops that are said to be / base OK / on the Ayaguchi review site. Of course, it depends on the woman who does the treatment, so the probability is low. Introducing what was taken secretly with the ultra-small camera when it succeeded. S-Ikebukuro, a massage shop for business trips, Mr. T is 50 years old and 60 minutes 11.000 yen course + 1.500 yen finger pressure fee. It's quiet, cool, modest and doesn't seem to be very good at chatting. The regulation against sexual harassment seemed to be strict and vigilant. I took care of it carefully, but if you hold your chest even if you pull a little bit, the hurdle will be easy to lower. For reference (laughs) It is a cool impression, but after removing the treatment clothes, it will become more smiling, and unexpectedly uncanny? I was very excited that a calm, low voice would make me look pretty. It’s the best thing you can do when you’re pushing up from below, and it’s like a woman who looks like she’s an arduous beast. look at everything.